3 Must-Haves for Any IT Support Project’s Success

IT support can mean any number of things – but in our years of experience, we’ve found that, regardless of your project’s specific needs, there are a few must-haves for success:

  1. Uptime, in time

In the IT world, there are many layers of hardware and software laid out by a multitude of manufacturers and service providers that must work seamlessly together in order to execute even the simplest transaction.  That means that there are many opportunities for disruption and downtime (and as we all know, downtime is lost revenue and productivity). Sometimes, downtime may be inevitable – so a solid contingency plan and robust system design to sustain continuity of operations (and the experience and know-how to make it happen) can be the difference between a small disruption and a disaster.

  1. Solve problems in new ways

To truly make your changes a success, it’s important to work with someone who is able and willing to leverage creative solutions in an effort to design the right-size/right-fit solution that will improve overall delivery and performance.  That doesn’t necessarily mean the solution has to be more expensive.

  1. Sometimes it’s not who, but what you know

For most of us around the beltway, so much of what we do ties to supporting our government agencies and its partners. There are often specific protocols and requirements – particularly when it comes to IT standards and implementation. Knowledge of those protocols is not only critical to making your project happen, but to making it happen well.

A recent project challenged us on all three of these points. Not only was the scope quite large (directly affected 15,000+ people), but it required lots of moving pieces and a quick turn. Having the right team in place with the right knowledge and experience enabled us to enhance the system and improve to 100 percent uptime just 14 days after the contract started.  And as a bonus, this more efficient solution cut support manpower requirements by 88 percent.

We could say it was all in a day’s work, but it really wasn’t. It took lots of planning, a great deal of creativity, and plenty of knowledge about protocols, technical elements, accreditations, and countless other government compliance and eligibility factors.

Every project is a bit different – but in order to succeed, they all have a few requirements in common: know-how, proper planning, and the ability to create and deliver on truly unique solutions.

About Suntiva:
Suntiva is a management and performance consulting company located in Falls Church, VA that focuses on supporting federal government agencies. Suntiva provides services that enable agencies to plan, deliver and oversee IT programs, improve organization performance, develop their employees, validate program results, and manage the acquisition lifecycle. Suntiva makes organizations, programs, and employees measurably successful—by solving critical challenges with great minds and great hearts.

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