Define Your Own Leadership Legacy

As leaders, we dedicate ourselves to planning, organizing, and strategizing. Where is our organization heading? How can we better develop our team members into stronger partners and contributors? What are the results of recent actions – and how can we improve them?

The hours and efforts are countless, and as we consider all of these external factors that drive toward organizational success, it’s all too easy to overlook a contributing factor that is likely closer to home: your own legacy.

For some, it’s difficult to use the word “legacy” in the same sentence as your own name. But whether or not you choose to acknowledge it, you will leave one – and it’s up to you to define, and become, that legacy.

You may leave your mark on an organization by leading your team to impeccable performance results, surmounting its own success year after year. Or perhaps you’ll focus on finding and developing talent and future leaders. While these are impressive feats that certainly have impact, the results of your work are not your legacy.

Your leadership legacy is not built solely by numbers, or even by accomplishments that live on beyond your initial contributions. Your legacy is built on moments. On your decisions. On the way you influence and lead your team.

Define your own leadership legacy by making careful, thoughtful decisions and by committing to the people who enact the results. After all, your true legacy isn’t something you leave behind. It isn’t a simple memory, or even the result of a singular notable success. Your leadership legacy is in constant evolution, building throughout your career. Define it in each decision. Define it by carefully committing to your team and your clients. Define it by proactively building your leadership choices and path in a direction that truly represents who you are.

What do you want your legacy to be?

About Suntiva:
Suntiva is a management and performance consulting company located in Falls Church, VA that focuses on supporting federal government agencies. Suntiva provides services that enable agencies to plan, deliver and oversee IT programs, improve organization performance, develop their employees, validate program results, and manage the acquisition lifecycle. Suntiva makes organizations, programs, and employees measurably successful—by solving critical challenges with great minds and great hearts.

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