Tips for Government Leaders to Use During the Administration Transition by Wendy Myers

I recently attended an event focused on transition in government related to the upcoming Presidential election.  While I knew that with the change in administration came a change in some key positions, I did not know the extent of the transition across the Federal government or realize that there are approximately 7,000 positions that are subject to change when a new President is elected.  I also had not realized the affects on the career civil servants who are charged with carrying on the everyday business of the government.

Ten Tips for Selecting Coaching Program Participants by Marirose Coulson Ziebarth

You’ve decided to invest in a coaching program to further develop leadership capacity for your high potential staff, and you’re not sure who should participate. Perhaps you are thinking you’ll quickly send out an email “data call” to see who’s interested and available. You’ve got 25 slots to fill, and still need ten more people.

Suntiva Awarded Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) Contract

Suntiva, a trusted advisor to leaders in achieving critical business transformation and technology outcomes, announced it has been awarded Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS), a 10-year contract vehicle with a $2.3 billion ceiling providing organizational performance and human capital solutions across the Federal Government.