Four Things You Should be Doing to Keep Your Data Secure by Chris Turpin

Data security is inarguably important – and with the drive for today’s government agencies and organizations to evaluate and migrate to a centralized cloud-based infrastructure, it’s more important than ever. But while virtual environments hold plenty of benefits, they also impact your direct control over your security environment. Yes, you can mitigate some of the pain that comes with relinquishing direct control through your choice of a public, private, or hybrid cloud (each has its benefits) – but each still takes your data virtual.

5 Signs You May Need Better Vendor Management

Almost every organization relies on vendors to make certain services and support possible, but managing those vendors (e.g. contract compliance, invoices, burn-rate, service and performance objectives) is no small feat. With all of the potential complexities and time involved, it’s easy to understand why vendor management can become ineffective and frustrating.