Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Suntiva completed a comprehensive Management Plan for the CFPB to include OD and Coaching Services in alignment with the goals outlined for the programs. These goals included:

  • Increase the level of inter-personal trust and cooperation among CFPB employees and leaders
  • Create a culture of continuous performance improvement and alignment around shared CFPB goals
  • Increase CFPB employee satisfaction, commitment and motivation
  • Improve CFPB’s organizational problem solving capability, increase collaboration, and effectively manage conflict by confronting problems as they arise
  • Promote open lines of communication and information sharing across CFPB leading to new ideas and innovations
  • Enhance the quality and speed of CFPB decision-making
  • Make change easier and faster; promote organizational agility 

The program goals were derived from analysis of root cause issues and organizational factors identified in the CFPB organizational assessment and were then discussed and validated with our OCHCO clients. The management plan also addressed key success factors, an approach to engage stakeholders and communicate the value of OD and Coaching services to the Bureau, business processes associated with standing up and managing OD and Coaching programs, and evaluation criteria and a plan to measure impact and ROI.