Four Key Steps Federal Leaders Can Take to Enhance the Culture of Accountability in Their Work Areas and Address Poor Employee Performance by Robin Broadnax

Enhancing the culture of accountability in your agency will more than likely be an important leadership success factor under the Trump administration.  With the hiring freeze already in place and reductions in the federal workforce rumored, having every employee be productive and performing to expectation will be key to meeting future agency and mission goals. 

Defining Your Leadership Style: A Necessary Prequel by Dr Hany Malik

Knowing your leadership style is key to setting your own parameters and helping those around you know what to expect from you – but before you can successfully define what that style is, you need to understand the difference between leading and managing (and understand a bit about yourself).

There are literally hundreds of distinctions between management and leadership, but the most prevalent (in my opinion) is each’s root function: managers manage projects, but leaders lead people.

Define Your Own Leadership Legacy

As leaders, we dedicate ourselves to planning, organizing, and strategizing. Where is our organization heading? How can we better develop our team members into stronger partners and contributors? What are the results of recent actions – and how can we improve them?

The hours and efforts are countless, and as we consider all of these external factors that drive toward organizational success, it’s all too easy to overlook a contributing factor that is likely closer to home: your own legacy.

Suntiva Hires Patty Brandmaier as Leadership & Organizational Development Consultant

Suntiva, a trusted advisor to leaders in achieving their most critical business outcomes, today announced the appointment of Patty Brandmaier as a Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant.  Brandmaier, who recently retired from a 32-year career at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), served in a series of senior executive leadership assignments at the corporate level supporting three CIA Directors and as a corporate resource across the CIA’s key mission areas.

Ten Questions to Identify Your Leadership Philosophy

As a society, we value leaders who get stuff done.  From the first line supervisor to the high-powered CEO, executing, getting results, creating value, and driving change are the hallmarks of today’s leaders.  And this is all well and good, because these leaders are often placed in these positions for their ability to deliver.                                          &